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House Potential

For anyone interested in the purchase of our property, there is much potential beyond it being a home. Since we have we lived here, we have realised that there are so many more possibilities and so we wanted to share some of our thoughts. You never know – you may just read this and having never really considered a property abroad, decide to go for it…

Holiday Home

For us, this is the most obvious. We are aware that not everyone will just be able to pack up their belongings and make the move to a new country, however tempting it may be. But, a fully renovated and fully functioning holiday home, might be that stepping stone. Because of our home’s location, it is an all-year round destination. Flights into Pula tend to cease once the summer season is over (mid-late October), but for cosy winter breaks, flights are still possible into and out of Ljubljana, Treviso, Venice and a little further afield, Bergamo and Milan and Zagreb. Driving is also a very pleasurable possibility – we rarely fly back to the UK now, preferring instead the freedom that driving affords us. The house really is a home-for-all-seasons. And, of course, as holidays may look a little differently in the future, how lovely to have your own space, surrounded by nature and clean air, to spend quality time with family and friends?

Holiday Rental

This could be the perfectly property to generate an additional income. With three generous sized bedrooms (including the main bedroom which could definitely accommodate the inclusion of an en-suite bathroom) and three good sized living areas, including much exterior space, it could be an amazing rental property. With the inclusion of an additional property which, if renovated, or removed to create a pool area, there is much scope for rental income. An advantage to turning the property into a rental, is that we know of people who could manage it on your behalf.

Two Properties

Although the second property we own, and which is included in this sale, is much smaller and is currently in what we call an “abandoned” state, it has huge potential. The immediate advantage to it being included in the sale, is that the new owners will never have to be concerned about someone else purchasing it and developing the land right behind the main house. So, what are the possibilities here?


  • The little house could be renovated and used as stand-alone property. Perfect for visitors or guests. Perfect as a cosy little bolt-hole away from the main house. Perfect as an office/working/studio space.
  • It could be demolished and the space at the back at the house used to create an enclosed private garden. With a pool
  • The little house could be renovated and connected to the main house, thereby increasing the floor space of the main house.
  • With two properties, there would definitely be the space to create a studio space, whether in the main house or to the rear, where the small house is currently situated. We have found that yoga retreats, art holidays, cookery holidays and the like are becoming very popular in Istria. Our home is in the perfect location for any of these, being surrounded as we are by nature, stunning scenery, the best locally sourced food and wine and utter tranquility. If you discount the occasional tractor or woodpecker or music from the fields as the harvest is collected…

Your New Home

Of course, you may want to do exactly as we have done, and escape the hustle and bustle of urban city life and sink into a slower pace of life, full time. A life where you can be completely in tune with nature and where you live according to the seasons. A life where things move a lot more slowly. But, a life which can also be fast paced when you want it to be. In forty minutes, when we need a burst of city life, we’re in the middle of Trieste, or an hour in Ljubljana (right), and all of their shops and bars and restaurants and noise and vibrancy – and these are just a couple of the beautiful places we can travel to, giving us (and maybe, hopefully you) a real mix of country and urban.